ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )

ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )

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PRINT NAME: ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )

CITY SERIES INFO: During the past 15 years I have been fortunate to have traveled and painted in over 60 countries around the world. The City Series is an ongoing print series showcasing some of my previous street works done in that particular city. This is a very fun and personal series to me.

RELEASE DATE: September 13th, 2009

RELEASE TIME: Between 09:00-10:00 P.S.T. ( Los Angeles, U.S.A. )

HONOLULU: 07:00-08:00 (Mahalo)
NEW YORK CITY 12:00-13:00
SAO PAULO 14:00-15:00
LONDON: 18:00-19:00
PARIS: 19:00-20:00
DUBAI & MOSCOW: 21:00-22:00
SHANGHAI 01:00-02:00 (Sept 14th)
TOKYO: 02:00-03:00 (Sept 14th)
MELBOURNE: 03:00-04:00 (Sept 14th)


PAPER & SIZE: Lennox-100, Archival Pure White Cotton. 250 gsm  --- 56 cm width X 38 height // 22 inch width. X 15 heigth.

INK / COLOR: I printed a black halftone onto each print, then hand colored with a variety of different watercolors.

OTHER FEATURES: Every print is signed, dated, numbered and embossed. + Each print comes with an individually numbered and embossed C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity)

EDITION SIZE:  ( 25 ) Hand Painted Multiples.

LIMIT PER PERSON: Only 1-print per person.


PRICE: This Edition Is Sold Out.


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ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )
ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )
ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )
ABOVE N.Y.C. ( City Series )